Benefits of Jojoba Oil

There are many benefits of this versatile natural oil due to its similar molecular structure to our very own sebum. Just Jojoba oil is natural and hypoallergenic, so can pretty much be used on any skin type from soothing young sensitive skin to hydrating dry mature skin as well as balancing oily skin, healing acne and breakouts. Common uses of Just Jojoba oil are:

A daily body and face moisturizer

For a deep hydration that won’t cause acne as it balances your oil levels naturally.

Repairs damaged skin 

Use Just Jojoba Oil to soothe chafed, wind chapped or sun burnt skin as it accelerates the wound healing process.

To help prevent and treat stretch marks 

Jojoba oil makes the skin more elastic to help avoid stretch marks through pregnancy.

Prevent shaving rash 

To soothe skin after a shave.

Treats cradle cap

A few drops in the bath and is ideal for cradle cap. Massage gently into affected sore areas.

Removes makeup 

Just Jojoba Oil can be used as a gentle but effective makeup remover, with no need to use a skin toner afterwards. The oil removes makeup, dirt and bacteria and is even gentle enough to remove eye makeup.

Helps fight wrinkles

Daily application hydrates the skin to help combat fine lines and wrinkles.

Promotes healthy hair

Using Just Jojoba oil in your hair adds moisture to both your hair and scalp which will also help improve texture & shine.

A bath oil

Just add a few drops into the warm bath water.